Group Booking

Team Up To Reverse The Rise Of Meeting Costs

Take the concept behind ACRE’s Group Buying program, apply it to hotel meeting costs, and what do you get? Special group discounts if two or more associations book their meetings at the same hotel.

Group booking is already a proven concept. Hilton and select Wyndham properties are among hotel groups that have offered “multiple meeting” rebates to individual organizations for years.

The new Group Booking program expands that idea, so multiple associations can earn additional discounts if they each agree to book one of their meetings with the same participating hotel.

Just Call Us The "MatchM-ACRE"

Associations initiating a Group Booking request provide ACRE with their requirements. ACRE then looks for associations and hotels with matching criteria or capabilities.

Hotels can have ACRE widely promote their group offer to associations or only be contacted when multiple associations are booking venues that fit the hotel’s criteria.

If you’re with a hotel or an association, see how ACRE’s Group Booking program can best work for you. Just contact ACRE or submit the interest form below.

Finally, A Chance For Some Financial Relief For Associations

Associations beaten down by ever-increasing meeting costs finally have a new line of defense. Group Booking offers big savings at desirable properties. 

But hotels win as well. It’s a new way to attract multiple associations to fill open dates, with virtually no time or money invested in the sales and marketing process. 

Promotion of this new program will begin soon, but a few group booking offers are already listed on ACRE’s A-Mart  savings hub.

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