Discount Purchasing

Bulk Up Your Buying Power!

Sure, you’d like to get the best deal on non-strategic association services, but:

  • you don’t have time to do all that sourcing, vetting and negotiating
  • you have very limited bargaining power to impact the price

ACRE offers free procurement services as your association buyers rep, and secures group discounts by leveraging the combined buying power of multiple associations.

Association Cooperation Has Never Been More Lucrative

ACRE invites any association to let us know when you’re in the market for a particular product or service.  When two or more associations are looking for the same thing, ACRE gauges their interest in pursuing a group discount  opportunity.

ACRE then asks interested providers what kind of discounts they would offer if they could close deals with multiple associations at one time. 

Providers can also initiate their own group deal, offering discounts that only apply if ACRE finds multiple associations to take the deal.

Raising The Bar On Meeting Expectations

Similar to the way Group Buying works for association services, the Group Booking program works for meeting venues.  

Associations are invited to send ACRE a list of hotels where they might like to hold a meeting.  When one shows up on two or more lists, ACRE gauges that hotel’s interest in offering a special group discount if more than one of them books a meeting there.

Pay Less For What You Need At A-Mart

ACRE posts current discount offers from providers on its A-MART web page, which includes:

  • Current group buying and group booking opportunities.
  • An opportunity for associations to seek interest from others in pursuing a discounted group purchase of particular products or services.
  • An invitation for providers to place a free ad describing their services and the value they offer associations.

And if you’re looking for a deal on something that’s not currently available on A-MART, let us know and we’ll try to find one for you, free of charge.

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