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Who are the “experts” in Association Cost Reduction Experts?  They’re the countless association management professionals who’s vast experience and knowledge feed ACRE’s existence. The whole ACRE idea is to develop mechanisms for associations to effortlessly help one another in the universal quest to reduce costs, so that all can devote more of their money to their mission.

The Beginning

Serving as associate executive director for a $40-million national association, Craig Price, CAE faced a problem familiar to a lot of associations.  Trying to balance a budget when the expenses required to meet growing member needs far outpaced expected revenue.  Starting the budget process with a projected deficit was the norm every year, but that year the size of the budget hole was unprecedented.

A New Approach

With oversight responsibilities for finance, as well as administration and a host of mission-specific functions, Craig looked to close the budget gap by going beyond the usual cost-reduction strategies employed in previous years. He surveyed a number of peer associations to learn how they managed similar financial challenges without cutting expenses that would negatively impact their operations or programs. The surprising results revealed a wide range of very different approaches to cost reduction by associations.

Craig came away from that experience recognizing the significant benefits that associations could glean from an association-specific, data-driven, best-practices approach to reducing non-strategic costs.

Craig Price, CAE
ACRE President

The ACRE Way

ACRE was built on that foundation and infused with expertise in data analysis, spend management, and vendor negotiations. Now ACRE’s extensive database of association costs helps clients identify spending areas that are ripe for cost reduction. And ACRE’s exclusive database of best spending practices, processes, and policies arms clients with cost reduction and operational improvement innovations from throughout the association community.

In addition to reducing existing costs, ACRE recognized the opportunity to lower the initial cost of procuring many goods and services by extending its philosophy of leveraging the collective strength of multiple associations. To that end, ACRE began serving as the first association buyers rep, assisting with sourcing and procurement for multiple associations. 

ACRE also formed and coordinates Group Buying and Group Booking opportunities, where two or more associations open to purchasing the same service or booking a meeting at the same hotel can do so in exchange for substantial group discounts.

Those group buying opportunities are housed with other exclusive cost-saving offers from service providers on A-Mart, ACRE’s one-stop online source of discount pricing on a range of association services.

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